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Enyoverse Gaming – A Unique Take On The Metaverse

Innovation is infringing on another period where the various types of mechanical correspondences converge into one consistent experience, from work gatherings to public activity to exercises to phone calls. In a review by Pew Research, 89% of U.S. grown-ups say the web has been fundamental for them during the Covid episode. Screen time is at a record high, so a monstrous shift to a more vivid web-based presence appears to be practically unavoidable.

At what seems the perfect timing, US based Enyoverse gaming ( ) has dived into the metaverse with maiden game set in the ancient greek era aligned with the futuristic visuals in their maiden game which is yet to be named. The unique game basically features a battle between solo players & squads where the squads prevent the arena whereas the solo players try to destroy it one by one. Following the gameplay environment the characters have also been named greek, the solos as the “machitis” & the squads named “soritas”. The unique gameplay in addition to the design is set to change the traditional playing methodology where single players do not complete against squads & vice versa. This makes the game the first of its kind which could disrupt the traditional gaming mechanics for those who need an all new experience.

The maiden game is slated to be released around the third quarter of 2023 with the iOS & Android versions, as steam platform has stopped accepting crypto/nft based game submissions on its store. Enyoverse gaming would not be limited to a game with new updates & maps every quarter after the initial release. Furthermore, the team wants to create an entire ecosystem around the token which would collectively be named Enyoverse DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) which is controlled by community voting not by a particular group of individuals. The metaverse always surprises with ground breaking innovations & this particular adaptation promises to be totally fresh, unique, & definitely worth looking up to.

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