Top Crypto Agencies List

In this article, you will see the top crypto agencies. There are many crypto agencies that offer a wide spectrum from creative services to marketing. We have compiled this list among the best agencies serving crypto brands.

1-) MONALICA – Crypto & Blockchain Agency

“We create artistic and systematic experiences for blockchain brands.” Known for its motto, MONALICA actually consists of professionals who have served many international brands for more than 20 years. The team came together to establish “creative” and “marketing” services exclusively for crypto and blockchain brands. Combining the technical knowledge of blockchain with a human-centered art, MONALICA’s portfolio includes major works such as Quentin Tarantino’s NFT collection. So far, our partners include Secret Network, a $335M Market Cap privacy first Layer 1 blockchain, SCRT Labs, Quentin Tarantion’s NFT Project “Tarantino NFTs” which was sold on auction for $1.1M, Chameleon Ville, a Cross-Chain NFT Game & Community Experience, Legendao, which aims to bring the greatest minds of Hollywood to the NFT Space starting with Kevin Smith, Alter and the upcoming Hydro Finance. We’ve had great results working with all of our partners and continue to share valuable experiences, bonded by great connections that rely on mutual trust and splendid final products.

  • Branding, Brand Strategy
  • Video Production&Animation
  • Web Development
  • Web3 Applications
  • Full Stack NFT Collection
  • Full Stack Digital Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Smart Contracts
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Ads&Viral Campaigns

2-) Crypto PR

The primary service that CryptoPR offers is publishing. The company works with a number of reputable news outlets and can pitch, link and help crypto firms secure media coverage with ease. This ensures that your company announcement – whether it’s a funding round or product launch – enjoys optimal visibility.

Besides announcements and press releases, CryptoPR can also lend its crypto advertising services to clients through reviews and comparisons. By showing how your service compares to others in the space, you can get even bigger exposure over time.

Access to International Markets

Another feature that sets CryptoPR apart from other crypto marketing agencies is the firm’s contacts in the international market. This allows your business to scale your media outreach at a fraction of the cost. Crypto is a global phenomenon, and your project can indeed find roots in foreign shores. With CryptoPR, this is very possible. CryptoPR also offers effective crypto advertising to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. The DeFi space has become especially popular in the past year, with more protocols breaking funding records and holding billions of dollars in assets locked.

But, the DeFi space requires a great deal of exposure, especially with many still confused about how it works. With CryptoPR, you will be able to promote your DeFi project across hundreds of websites. From stories and articles to promotional pieces, Crypto PR has you covered.

3-) Ninja Promo     

Agency based in New York, focused on SMM and community management through outstanding content production, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, PR and media relations, and more. When cooperating with NinjaPromo, you can be sure that your ICO/IEO, STO, DeFi, or NFT campaign will be managed successfully. They helped to gather over $1,5 billion during investment collection, while also offering video creation services (promo and explainer videos), UX/UI design, website design, branding, the list goes on.


ICODA is a crypto advertising company with a notable reputation in the crypto industry. Founded on the principles of blockchain’s ever-expanding potential, ICODA has set out to help blockchain and crypto companies to reach their full potential. Since its inception, ICODA has helped to promote over 50 companies and businesses. The company’s team is made up of professionals who have experience in marketing and the blockchain industry. ICODA offers some of the following key services; Cryptocurrency and DeFi PR, Coin Listings, Marketing in Tough Regions

5-) Coinzilla

Unlike CryptoPR and ICODA, Coinzill isn’t a traditional crypto advertising company. Instead, it focuses more on display ads and PR distribution. The company is also unique among crypto marketing agencies for its focus on results and optimization. Per info on its website, Coinzilla offers its crypto advertising services to some of the industry’s top companies – including Huobi, BitPanda, CoinGecko, OKEx, and KuCoin.

6-) Token Suite

TokenSuite is an all-encompassing blockchain incubator focused on building, marketing, and investing in innovative blockchain solutions.

They launched their services in mid-2017 and helped over 300 blockchain clients on their way to success by bringing them together with the exact audience they need to convey their messages. The core team of TokenSuite is a group of 20 early blockchain adopters scattered around the world.

TokenSuite helps ambitious blockchain startups on their way to success by providing the necessary network, funding, and know-how. With our regional branches in the US, Europe, South Korea, China, Turkey, LATAM, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Russia, we can reach anywhere in the world.

TokenSuite offers a comprehensive blockchain marketing solution, allowing you to focus on core business. We manage your marketing campaigns from top to bottom.”

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